Nutrabay Mass Gainer Review

When we talk about some of the best mass gainers in India, Nutrabay is one brand that cannot be overlooked. It is known for its high quality mass gainer and protein supplements that are affordable and provide effective results.

It is especially designed and formulated to help unleash your power with an advanced muscle growth and strength building formula. Comes packed with not just high quality protein and carbohydrates, but it is also enriched with other essential nutrients to provide the caloric support needed by the body during your fitness journey.

About Nutrabay Gold Mega Mass Gainer

If your goal is to gain weight, build muscles, and fuel energy, then Nutrabay Gold Mega Mass Gainer is the perfect choice. It is a vegetarian formula, is suitable for both men and women, and comes in powder form. The mass gainer supplement is available in two delicious flavors – rich chocolate crème and vanilla ice-cream.

  • Gain weight

If you’re a hard gainer or have a fast metabolism, then gaining weight and building lean muscles can be a tough task. Nutrabay mass gainers will help you stay lean even while you’re putting on muscle weight. Each serving provides 711 Kcal for mega gains.

  • Quality Formulation

The premium quality formulation of Nutrabay Gold Mega Mass Gainer contains an amalgamation of 5 different proteins for sustained release and perfect amino acid balance. It is made using high quality protein whey and complex carbohydrates are also used as a primary source. It has no added sugar, no banned substances, gluten free, steroid free, and tested for purity.

  • Fuels energy

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy. The carbohydrate rich formula of this mass gainer provides 125 grams to promote muscle glycogen replacement.

  • Build muscles

Building muscles without adding extra fat content to your body is a tricky situation, and you need the perfect supplement for it. A good quality mass gainer like Nutrabay mass gainer can be greatly beneficial. It has a premium protein blend of 3:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio and provides more than 40 grams protein per serving. This high protein ratio is ideal for maximizing lean muscle gains.

Nutrabay Gold Tri-Blend Whey Protein

When can you consume it?

You can consume mass gainer supplements in early mornings, as a post workout shake, between meals as a snack, or right before bedtime. Consume 1 – 2 servings per day or as suggested by your dietician.

How should you consume it?

  • Add 480 – 500 ml of water or milk to a shaker.
  • Add 3 heaped spoons of Nutrabay mass gainer powder.
  • Shake well until its completely mixed.
  • Consume immediately.

Tip – Use a glass instead of a shaker if excessive frothing occurs. Pour the liquid first and the  add the powder to reduce formation of lumps. You can adjust the intensity of the flavor according to your taste by varying the amount of liquid. You can also add frozen fruits and blend it to make a healthy smoothie.

About Nutrabay

Nutrabay is India’s no. 1 most trusted and genuine online supplement store for whey protein, mass gainers, and multivitamins.  Customer satisfaction is the top most priority of the brand and they ensure it by fast deliveries, great user experience, and high quality products. Apart from being a multi-brand website, the supplements under Nutrabay are also very popular. Whether it is the whey protein or the mass gainer powder, they are all high quality and provide amazing results.

It is the only online supplement store that guarantees authenticity. While purchasing from the website you don’t have to worry about quality as the portal only sells 100% authentic and genuine products.

Some of the other bestsellers by the brand include –

  • Nutrabay Gold 100% Whey Protein Isolate
  • Nutrabay Gold Tri-Blend Whey Protein
  • Nutrabay Gold BCAA 4:1:1
  • Nutrabay Gold Mega Mass Gainer
  • Nutrabay Gold Spark Pre-Workout
  • Nutrabay Pure series Whey Protein Isolate
  • Nutrabay Pure series Whey Protein Concentrate

Although all these supplements are safe to use, it is always recommended that you consult your doctor before taking any kind of supplements. Do not exceed the mentioned daily dosage to avoid any side effects. If you’re taking mass gainer supplements for the first time, there are chances that you might experience upset stomach, bloating, or constipation for a couple of days. These are just temporary effects and would go away in a couple of days as your body will get used to these supplements. Make sure you talk to your dietician and trainer to know the best mass gainer supplement for you.