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ZippySig – An Email Signature Is a Valuable Asset to a Business

While it’s easy to get caught up in all the latest marketing tactics and tricks, a lot of people forget that one of the most trusted and best digital marketing techniques is to have a good email signature for your business. More businesses these days are ditching the traditional marketing techniques like placing billboards onto bus stops, in favour for proven digital methods.

When ZippySig was founded, independent marketers and marketing companies were still providing their customers with sub-par solutions and didn’t really think outside the box. ZippySig’s mission was to change that, and make businesses more aware of how important a good digital marketing strategy can be for your business.

There are many ways to do marketing for a business, some more effective than others. Here is a list of things every business must do to increase their digital marketing presence.

  1. Create a good looking, high resolution logo. If you already have a logo, ask people what they think about it, and be honest with yourself. If your logo does look good, change it now.
  2. Create a business branding design. There are many agencies that exist for this purpose. They can create graphics for your business that can run in all the documents and all correspondence with your business such as document letterheads. Have you ever seen a big branded company not use their colors on any publications or releases? Your company colors and branding layout must run in everything you do with the company. Some more design ideas are here: https://www.zippysig.com/email-signature-design/
  3. Create email signatures and business cards using your new company branding. For some example email signatures, have a look here: https://www.zippysig.com/the-best-email-signature-examples-for-business/

This list is one of the most important things to complete when starting a business. It is what gives your company an identity and if done right, it will separate you from your competitors.

Who is ZippySig?

ZippySig is an email signature generator that can help you create email signatures very easily. Creating email signatures is normally a task that is reserved only for skilled web developers that have sound knowledge of HTML. ZippySig was founded in 2015 by 2 entrepreneurs looking to change the horizon for digital marketing, and have since then expanded at a very rapid rate to provide leading services in the email signature industry.

How can ZippySig help my business?

Helping businesses achieve their full marketing potential is what ZippySig strives to achieve. Although email signatures are only one of the pieces to the puzzle, it is a start. ZippySig has outstanding customer support that is backed by experienced technicians that have created email signatures for many years and know how to fix any problems you may encounter. With a full testing environment, ZippySig is the go to place if you are having email signature formatting problems. ZippySig also offers email signature design services on top of their monthly subscription fees, so if you aren’t sure where to start with the design, they can help!

Where is ZippySig headed?

Whilst concentrating purely on email signatures in the past, ZippySig will soon launch its next version of their email signature generator, which will have some features that have not yet been seen by any other company providing email signature services. ZippySig founders believe that this will be a step in the right direction and in line with their original vision to provide the best digital marketing products to the market. ZippySig founders have invested in designing and coding a line of products that will be released to the public soon which will encompass everything that is needed in order to fulfil all digital marketing needs for any business, large or small.

With cryptocurrencies becoming more mainstream and gaining a wider acceptance within the online communities, ZippySig hopes to integrate multiple cryptocurrencies into its payment gateway soon, as this will encourage the use of cryptocurrencies throughout the online SAAS businesses and also offer much easier payment options for current and future customers.

ZippySig is always working on enhancing and upgrading its products and making them better as they evolve with a long term mission of providing the most advanced marketing tools available on the market.


ZippySig is currently positioned in a niche market by providing only email signature services to their target market, however the founders hope to change this to target a much wider market when the new version of ZippySig is released. The scheduled release of the new version of ZippySig is currently late 2017.


ZippySig Website: zippysig.com



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