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Writing Great Copy

writing_copyWriting great copy for your website is crucial to building your site’s visibility. It strengthens your website’s seo. More people will visit your site if it contains relevant and well written content. They are also likely to return if what you’ve presented to them is interesting and entertaining.

This means you will organically be growing more and more website viewers simply by including content on your site. This makes your site look more valuable to major search engines as well. Also, when a site contains original content that is updated frequently, search engines are more likely to list them higher in the search results lists as well.

Not everyone has a professional writer in their back pocket, but you can learn a few tricks of the trade and with some practice bring your writing up a level or two. Follow these ideas to tighten up your writing.

Do your homework

Even if you’re not writing an in-depth article, it’s good to know your subject inside and out. Doing a little bit of research can go a long way. People usually read online content to get informed quickly so you don’t need to spill every single detail you came across in your research. Pick out the information that is most relevant and interesting.

It’s good to be knowledgeable too if you’re writing for a blog that welcomes reader comments. You will be able to respond to and connect with your readers in an intelligent way if you’ve done your homework.

Organize your ideas

To keep from losing your readers at the outset, start your article with big, broad ideas first and then carve down to the details as you go. You should spend the first couple paragraphs of your article telling your readers who, what, when, where, why, and how. Then, once that foundational information has been covered you can move on to interesting details that expand on those questions.

Keep your audience in mind

You want to write to your specific audience. Most blogs and content-heavy websites attract readers and viewers that have at least some things in common. Know what those common interests are or what the most likely demographic of your audience is. This will help you know what style of writing will best connect with your readers.

Provide visual cues

Using headings to break up your content into digestible chunks is a great way to keep your readers with you through the entire article. A big block of text can look pretty intimidating (or boring) to get through for a reader. Headings will help them to skim a bit if they feel like it—which, interestingly enough, makes them more likely to actually read the article.

For additional information on writing great copy you can look at these Orangesoda content writing tips to help you write content that is both audience-friendly and seo-friendly.


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