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Why You Might Need a Social Security Lawyer

socialsecuritylawyer1Most people applying for Social Security are denied on their first application and appeals are even more difficult unless you have help from legal representation. If you’ve been denied a Social Security disability claim then you should consider hiring an Atlanta Social Security lawyer who will fight for you and help you through applying or an appeal. There is no reason to go through the stress of trying to get through the appeals process on your own when you can benefit a lot more with the assistance of an attorney. Secondly, if you’re denied again you won’t have to pay a dime, so what is there to lose? The answer is nothing.

Having a lawyer who specializes in Social Security law and regulations knows the ins and outs of the system much better than those who are applying for it or appealing a decision. They have the knowledge of how to approach building a stronger case for your claim. They can even arrange for their clients to see medical specialists who can then testify at a hearing or submit documentation as proof of a debilitating condition. In addition to building up a claim, an Atlanta Social Security lawyer can also act as support or backup when you are most stressed.

In the course of filing an appeal there will be an inevitable hearing that will determine the fate of a claim. Being prepared can be difficult and includes gathering witnesses to testify or submit statements. Claimants also need to know how to present their case before a court or board of people. Many are simply too nervous and confused so things do not go well. This is the difference that the presence of a Social Security lawyer can make. As a professional specializing in this sort of law they have the training and experience to present things as needed as well as to have every organized ahead of time. Those individuals who have an attorney hired when applying for or appealing a Social Security decision are much more likely to be accepted than those who do not have one as their own personal backup.

When someone is unable to work and are facing a crisis for both health and a living income, Social Security can be the best solution to help them. However, just getting the needed benefits can be a nightmare when the whole process can be very confusing and distracting. Luckily there is an Atlanta Social Security Lawyer out there who can help get you through that process, reducing the frustration that seems to come along with it. Let an attorney look over your Social Security claim and help you to apply or to file an appeal today.


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