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Why Replace Halogen Headlights with LED

ledheadTraditionally, headlights for cars have always been halogen, but with our advances in technology we are coming with better ways to illuminate the road in front of us. When it comes you headlights, you have three options. You can choose LED headlights, HID, xenon, or the traditional halogen. Why are LED’s the best way to go?


Of course your main concern would be brightness. You want to make sure that the headlights you choose are sufficient to illuminate the road. The advantage with LED headlights, they’re actually a lot brighter than traditional halogen. LED offers more reflection from the sign on the roads. In addition to more reflection, you can expect to have a wider scope of light compared to traditional headlights. LED is definitely the way to go if you want safer headlights.

These headlights are becoming quite the norm. In fact, it’s predicted by the year 2020, LED will account for more that 20% of the headlights produced world wide. LED’s have a more stylish appeal compared to other headlights. LED lights can also be customized to your color of choice.

How does LED work?

Instead of using traditional methods to produce light, LED takes a different approach. These headlights use small diodes that produce light from excited electrons. This significantly reduces the amount of power required to turn the headlight on, but it also produces enormous amount of light. LED’s put less strain on your car’s charging system. LED is said to be 75% more efficient when compared to traditional halogen. LED light is also quite durable. It’s said that LED light will last more than five times as many hours compared to halogen. The life span is also said to be around 15 years! LED’s can also save up space as they are much smaller. LED’s also require no filaments, so they’re also shock proof.

How much does LED cost?

When LED was first introduce in 2004, it was mostly for luxury cars, but now that’s quickly changing. As we perfect the technology, LED is becoming more affordable. Right now the prices are ranging from $150-$200. You can also save money by opting to do it yourself. There are plenty of tutorials you can find on the internet.

LED’s offer more efficiency, longer lifespan, brighter roads, and more stylish looks for your car. And since the prices are going to get cheaper as the years go by, LED’s lifespan really speaks for itself.


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