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Tanning for New Comers

2344556Sometimes we all find ourselves in a position where we have to admit we are way too white for this time of the year. Whether it is the inevitable drivers arm or the farmers tan line, we eventually begin to notice the translucency of pale skin while tanned beach legs seem to be flaunting all around us. Although there are alternatives to tanning, like the lotions designed to darken your skin or the spray tans we have all seemed to hear horror stories about, sometimes it is better to stick to the alternatives. Tanning beds should always be on our top priority list for taking care of ourselves.

Tan skin will help prevent a terrible sunburn at the lake or beach for a weekend break. Once you give your skin that soft glow, you’re less likely to come back with soft blisters. Just a few minutes in a tanning bed are all you really need to give yourself the tan coat of armor, and then you are off to fun in the sun with way fewer touch ups on your sunscreen. Tan skin also covers up small skin blemishes like certain scars, spider veins, or even stretch marks. It helps to make your skin appear smoother and healthier, so no one knows you spent your entire winter season in doors.

Aside from the beauty aspect, tanning can help those who have psoriasis or other skin related diseases. Most of the time, our lack of sun vitamins means these diseases will flourish. However, with a little extra ultra violet light in our life, we can battle back ugly skin diseases. Tanning beds are definitely a necessity for anyone looking for assistance in this area.

Good tanning locations can sometimes be hard to find. Because of this, it is suggested to take a tour of all the facilities. Look for facilities that have the kind of tanning you prefer, beds or stand up options. Check around and make sure the entire place is clean, read some reviews, and ask the receptionist questions. You will want someone who is knowledgable and offers beauty products to go along with your tan. Some specific types of lotion help your skin maintain their color or heal better than other types of lotion will. If the employees at the tanning salon know their stuff, then they definitely take pride in their work and will set you up with the right bed and the right amount of time for your skin tone. Don’t forget to ask about unlimited membership prices as well.


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