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Staying Sober after Treatment

sobrietyCompleting treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is a big achievement. It is also only the first step towards living a sober life. People with addictions must strive to remain sober every day with the tools learned during treatment. Several tips will help anyone who has completed treatment to stay sober.

Break Old Patterns

Part of recovering from addiction means breaking old patterns. Old patterns are familiar and comforting. These patterns often include drinking or doing drugs at specific times or in response to specific events. It is important to start doing new things and changing daily routines so that new habits are formed that do not involve drugs and alcohol. Living in a sober community like those provided by the Recovery Society can help since alcohol and drugs are not present in the home.

Avoid Friends with Addictions

It is essential to avoid friends with addictions after competing treatment. Visiting with these friends can lead to a relapse. Watching old friends drink or do drugs could create an overwhelming urge to go back to bad behaviors. The best way to avoid this is to simply stop seeing these friends unless they become sober as well. Although this might seem hard at first, it is one of the necessary steps to stay sober.

Find a Sober Support Community

Communities like the Recovery Society provide apartments for people who have completed drug and alcohol addiction treatment. These communities are filled with people who have made a commitment to living a sober lifestyle. Staying in one of these communities can remove many of the temptations that are present in other locations. There are rules about relapsing that can help a person stay sober. A large benefit is that the other people in the apartment building can provide help and support during rough periods while adapting to living without drugs and alcohol.

Think About the Moment

Something that is disheartening to make people who have started living after completing treatment is the thought of never having a drink or taking drugs again. This can be an overwhelming thought. It can lead to a relapse when a person thinks that drinking and doing drugs is inevitable as time goes on. The way to combat this is to stay focused on the moment. This means not drinking or doing drugs from just one minute to the next without thinking about the future. Thinking this way can help a person stay sober.

Leave Risky Situations Immediately

There are likely to be times after work, when gatherings with friends or when attending large events where alcohol or drugs are present. Staying at these events will slowly increase the urge to relapse until it potentially becomes uncontrollable. The best policy is to leave any situation that involves drugs or alcohol immediately. This will make staying sober much easier.


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