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Spending Time as a Family

family_timeWhat would you say if you were asked what are two of your favorite things? Chances are you might rattle off something pretty quick, or maybe you haven’t really sat down and thought about how you might answer a question like that. If I were asked what are two of my favorite things, I would have to say spending time with my family and Summer. I believe that spending time together as a family is extremely important for a number of reasons.

First, it has been studied that parenting lengthens life. Some of you parents out there might be laughing at this statement because you feel the exact opposite, and that your kids have tired you out, thereby aging you a lot sooner than otherwise. However, a study in Denmark has shown my initial statement to be true, that parenting lengthens life, especially if you are the mom.

A second benefit of spending time together as a family is that sisters decrease loneliness. According to research that has been completed by Brigham Young University if a child has a sister it is good for your mental health. By having a sister, children are able to feel less lonely, less self conscious, less afraid and even more loved. I’d say those are all good things for a child to feel and if a sister can provide that, that is pretty neat. Furthermore, broadening our scope a bit, a study has shown that individuals who were influenced by a brother or sister growing up were more likely to have an inclination to go about doing good deeds.

Third, spending time together as a family is important for individuals to live a healthier lifestyle. Nutrition, as well as overall lifestyle choices are largely impacted by your family and their influence on you. So if you spend time as a family doing good things, chances are you are building good, strong, healthy habits.

Spending time together as a family is also important so that bonds can be formed between parents and children. If bonds of mutual respect, love and trust are forged between parent and child then conversations about important topics such as sexual activity and avoiding harmful substances can be effective. A teen is more likely to listen to their parents when there is a bond that has already been formed. Not only will teens listen better, but chances are they won’t be as likely to fight against the grain or the house rules.

So now that we’ve mentioned some benefits of spending time together as a family, let’s discuss fun ways you can implement this is your homes. One thing I am grateful for while growing up was always going on family vacations. It was so fun to visit different places and get to do various fun activities with my family. We have some great memories and truly bonded on the multiple vacations every year. But what is something you can do on a smaller scale? When it comes to family, time is the key. One way to have enjoyable time is by having fun activities in the home such as movies, pool tables, a basketball hoop, or a variety of board games. Just work on being together and having fun.


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