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Senior Living: 6 Reasons Why Seniors Are Living the New Life

senior-citizen-discountMany seniors are finding that growing older has its compensations in the form of new types of housing that cater to their specific needs. These options can provide many advantages for seniors in terms of personal care, medical supervision and social interaction. A look at some reasons seniors benefit from these options show why they have become such a popular choice.

Increased Security

An assisted living facility takes intensive security precautions to ensure that their residents are safe at all times. They carefully screen all persons that come onto the premises. They also have heavy, security doors and security alarms to call for help when needed. Residents of assisted living facilities no longer have to worry about dealing with sudden security emergencies. An Alzheimer care facility makes sure that residents who may have difficulty remembering routes and addresses do not wander away from the center.

Medical Supervision

Caregivers at a facility can ensure that the senior is taking medications in the correct amount and on time. The residents are monitored for changes in behavior patterns, physical condition and eating habits to ensure that dosages are appropriate and side effects are not a problem.

Emergency Care Close At Hand

Most assisted living centers and Alzheimer’s living facilities have a nurse on duty 24/7 to assess the residents’ medical emergencies when they occur. The nurses will call an ambulance if needed. This presence ensures that residents will get immediate emergency care if they are taken ill unexpectedly.

Freedom from Responsibilities

Caring for a home can be a burden for seniors. An assisted living center or Alzheimer’s living facility takes the burden of housekeeping and home maintenance off the senior, so that he or she can enjoy other activities.

Regular Social Interaction

Research shows that daily interaction with others helps to maintain mental acuity and physical health. Unfortunately, seniors who live in their own homes often become isolated and lonely, which affects both mental state and physical condition. One of the most significant benefits of assisted living facilities is the availability of other people of the same age who have experienced many of the same events. This closeness in age and experience can help seniors to stay connected to other people.

Supervised Outings

In an assisted living center or Alzheimer living facility, residents can enjoy group outings for shopping, concerts and other events. Outings are carefully organized and supervised so that residents can enjoy activities without any fear for their safety.


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