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Planning For a High Profile Business Guest

corporate_guestAn impending visit from a high profile guest may throw you off balance. This is someone whose presence means a lot to your business. You are looking at an executive who yields influence in the industry. The reasons for the visit might be varied. Probably, you are about to sign a multimillion dollar business deal. The guest could also be a top company executive from the company’s head office and you have been entrusted with his upkeep. Not unless you plan for this visit, it can end up being an embarrassment. Part of the planning involves:

  • Reserving meals and hotel accommodation
  • Hiring executive means of transport
  • Booking for a return air ticket
  • Making arrangements for a tour of the city

Here are a few tips on how to go about it:


Business travelers hardly waste time. If the purpose of the trip is to negotiate a business deal or meet with a company’s managers, it will be short and the guest will be gone. Nonetheless, you need to know in advance how many days your guest will be in town; where else he would like to go, actual date of travel and date of return. An itinerary will help you plan everything down to the last detail.

Hotel accommodation

Look for a good hotel where your guest will feel comfortable. For a company executive, nothing short of five star services will do. Again, you need to be aware of the length of stay. You can obtain this information by calling the personal assistant on the other end and asking for these details. Hotel accommodation comes with meals, drinks, gym and sauna. Find out what your guest loves especially when he is on tour. The idea here is to make him feel at ease.

Hire limo service

Business executives travel in comfort. You must therefore hire a comfortable vehicle to fetch your guest from the airport and take him to a hotel. Once he has settled, the same will pick him up at the hotel and take him to the venue of the meeting. If you are planning for a one-on-one meeting, this can take place at the hotel where your guest is staying. Hire a limousine from one of the transportation service Ontario Ca firms. This is not only proper; it shows that you hold the guest in high esteem. In order to do this, you need to know of his arrival date a few weeks in advance.

Return air ticket

In most cases this is not necessary since business travelers always book return tickets. All the same, find out whether you will need to book for one. Work with an itinerary so that you know when the ticket’s date. You need to book early especially if it is during a peak travelling season.


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