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Paige DataCom welcomes Signamax as an approved connector for its Award Winning GameChanger Extended Reach Video Cabling

Union, NJ.  Paige DataCom Solutions is proud to include Signamax, a loyal partner since 2006, as an approved connectivity solution for the Platinum Award winning GameChanger cabling.  The GameChanger cabling system (http://www.paigedatacom.com/gamechanger) was designed to carry 1080p video and PoE+ to the extended distance of 850′ without repeaters and 4000′ with repeaters.  The cabling system is proving to be an industry Game Changer for video cameras that are required near the periphery of buildings and to replace long runs of CCTV cabling where it is not possible, practical or feasible to build intermediate IDFs or install power for repeaters.

It is estimated that the installation of one IDF location can cost $38,000.  For cabling that only supports 100m, 2.5 IDFs would be required to support the same 850′ (~260m) distance.  The cost to carry signal over the same 850′ distance run with traditional 100m category cabling and repeaters adds an additional $2,000 extra per run over the GameChanger system.  

Extending the 850′ distance of the GameChanger by adding repeaters, the system has been tested to 4000′ without degradation of video.  This makes the GameChanger cable ideal for security applications when installed with or without repeaters. The GameChanger cable terminates like a category rated cable making installation easy.  Signamax category 6 and 6A connectors have been tested and approved for inclusion in Paige’s 25-year warranty covering the GameChanger system.

Carrie Goetz, Paige’s Global Director of Technology says, “Having an additional partner in our GameChanger program increases options for our end users. We are delighted to welcome Signamax into our program and to introduce this differentiator to Signamax customers.”

Signamax’s Director of Sales, Todd Philpott, comments, “Signamax is excited to work with Paige Datacom on the GameChanger Cabling system.  Partnering their unique cabling system with Signamax’s high-quality, high-performing connectivity products provides System Integrators with an extended distance solution that has eluded the industry until now.”


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