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New England Winters on Your Roof

New England Winters on Your RoofWhen was the last time that you considered what the weather is doing to the roof of your home? I’d wager to guess that it has probably been a while, if you have even thought about it. Well, believe it or not, different types of weather can have negative impacts on your roof. Something that is not uncommon in New England Winters is snow, freezing temperatures, and hail. This type of weather can actually crack and split your shingles and even cause granule loss. If a shingle is missing, the paper underneath the shingle that was once there can become frozen and cracked thus opening your roof up for a leak into your home. Heavy rain is also another type of weather you want to be leery of when it comes to affecting your roof. The constant wetness can cause granules to lose tenacity thus allowing the deterioration of your shingles to occur more rapidly. Also the wetness can cause your roof flashing to rust causing the dampness to eventually leak through. Lastly, what about heavy wind? Wind can be extremely damaging because not only can it cause shingles and tiles to blow off, but it could also cause tree branches to collapse onto your roof. This has the potential of causing some intense structural issues and complications. So how can you periodically check your roof for possible problems and concerns?

First, you will want to check the shingles for missing granules. You can tell if some are missing by noticing spotting on the shingles, and you may even find a buildup of granules when you clean out your gutters. The granules help to protect the shingle from the damaging UV rays so they are important. Second, you will want to check for curling shingles. If you notice this it is a sign that the asphalt is drying and shrinking. This means the shingles are getting weaker and could blow off entirely with a major wind gust. Third, you will want to keep an eye out for moss. If you see widespread moss, it needs to be addresses immediately. The buildup of moss can get under individual shingles and start to lift them up. Fourth, keep in mind the age of your roof. On average these styles of roofs begin to take a turn for the worse around age 14. It is especially important to keep an eye on your roof regularly after this point. Fifth, If you wake up one morning and find shingles in your yard, then it is time to replace your roofing. Clearly the roof is failing and things are starting to fall apart.

Some of these issues are too big for you to tackle on your own so you’ll want to call in a professional. www.pyramidroofingne.com is a great option for a good roofing services. They have been serving the Nashua, NH area for approximately 26 years so they know a thing or two about roofing. They are committed to providing excellent quality work at an affordable price. They tailor every project to your individual needs and concerns so things are done right the first time. Give them a call today and see how they can better assist you in maintaining your roof and protecting your home. 


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