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Making Sure Your Parents Are Living in Comfort

As parents age, typically the concern of making sure they are living in comfort comes up. One way to ensure they are living in comfort and have the necessary assistance they need is making the decision to move them into an assisted living home. Moving a parent into assisted living can be a tough decision for children to make.

Making Sure Your Parents Are Living in ComfortThere’s lot of things to consider when making this decision. First of all you want to determine how much assistance they are going to need. Can they move into a senior living housing with a roommate, or if they need something more in depth with constant caregivers around to offer much needed help and assistance. Determining this will help to narrow down places to look at. There are many senior independent living communities you can look at. You also need to determine how willing they are to move. I know I am very independent and would probably put up some resistance when it comes to losing my freedom and being placed in a home. However, as a child you need to be strong and do what is best for your parent.

Once you have determined what your parent needs in an assisted living facility the next task is to find where is best to place your parent. You want to be open and knowledgeable about the cost of assisted living. Chances are you don’t know much about this piece of the puzzle, but it is important to keep in mind that it’ll cost more than you think and probably want or might feel comfortable with. Depending on the level of service these assisted living facilities can range anywhere from $800 to $5,000 per month. This is usually for living costs. Additional costs to keep in mind could include administration of medicine costs, laundry service costs, transportation costs, security deposits among other miscellaneous costs. When researching places it is important to know your budget and stay within what your parent can comfortably afford. You don’t want this be become a financial burden for your parent.

Make sure you fully understand your parent’s finances so that you can make a wise decision. Before placing them in an assisted living situation you want to have a good handle on their medical conditions. Make sure you have a good copy of any important medical records and keep good notes and information on their medications and proper dosage and administration. Lastly you will want to know and understand what possessions your parent can take with him to their new home. Of course this will depend on how large their living space is. If you need to get rid of current furniture perhaps try selling it to make some extra money to help support the assisted living cost. Keep in mind that this might be a hard adjustment for your parent especially if they are independent. You will want to know visiting hours and procedures so that you and your siblings can keep in touch with your parent and stay up to date on the goings on at the assisted living facility. Just stick together as a family and make the decision that feels right for your parents needs to ensure they are living in comfort.


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