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Kansas City Entrepreneur Patrick Kucera Appointed to the World Chamber of Commerce Board of Advisors

Kansas City, KS – Dec 5, 2017


Patrick Kucera, affectionately known as “PK” has been appointed to the Board of Advisors for the World Chamber of Commerce. PK has been a mentor to business owners in the US, third world countries and in international business development throughout the world. For decades the renowned Kansas City businessman, mentor and entrepreneur PK has used his innovative leadership skills to train, motivate and equip future business leaders and entrepreneurs across America and around the world.


PK was a recent recipient of the World Civility Award presented to him by the Founder and President of iChange Nations, Dr. Clyde Rivers. Former recipients of the iChange Nations World Civility Award include former President of Zambia Kenneth Kuanda and former Head of Lions Clubs for the African continent Manoj Shah.


The World Chamber of Commerce honored PK at their special event held in Atlanta, Georgia on November 16th, 2017. PK joins the ranks of several other notables on the Board of Directors including Ambassador Ricardo Camara Sanchez, Consul General of Mexico, Ambassador Ajit Kumar, Consul General of India, and Ambassador of Switzerland Claudio Leoncavallo, as well as many other world leaders. WCC Co-Chairman Solange Warner said, “It is an honor to welcome Patrick Kucera (PK), as a World Chamber of Commerce Advisory Board Member. He is a leader in the community and will be instrumental in providing support to the international and local business community. His visionary work and humanitarian initiatives have benefitted people in many countries. This is a monumental time for business leaders and other important members of the community, such as PK, to work collaboratively, teaching how to eradicate poverty and become financially successful. This will allow us to enhance economic development globally.”


PK is a visionary leader, innovator and entrepreneur. His enthusiasm and “entrepreneurial mindset” for individuals and corporations make him a highly sought-after speaker and business advisor locally and internationally. His thought-provoking book, The Revival of Revenue will be released in early 2018.


Throughout his life, PK has served people of all ages and backgrounds in both business and ministry.  His passion is to touch and change the lives of every person. PK states “It is imperative to use our God-given talents and resources to help others.” PK is currently exploring a run for political office in the Sunflower State of Kansas.


The mission of the World Chamber of Commerce is to enhance global business, fostering cultural and humanitarian exchange to develop economic opportunity. To learn more about the World Chamber of Commerce, its vision, mission and objectives please go to www.worldchamberc.org.



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