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Increasing Local Search

Increasing Local SearchAny business can claim and fill out a Google Maps listing but that is considered to be the easy part. Filling out a Google Maps listing is far from being the only thing that needs to be done when it comes to creating a productive and well setup map for a business. When can company is trying to rank within the ultra competitive Google Maps market, it’s important that their Google Maps are optimized properly.OrangeSoda local search engine marketing tactics underlines the importance of Google Maps optimization and why it works well when it comes to getting new customers to a business.

Yes, ranking is important and even if a ranking is high in 7 box, it doesn’t mean that another local company won’t realize that there is a higher position to be had.

Competition tend to hire local search marketing companies who will not only get their Google Map optimization up and running, they will also make sure that they are found before any other company. This is why it’s important for any business to understand that Google is smart and can be compared to link building.

It’s all about how popular a business is in the “Social World.” Google delivers relevant content to their users, which means that a company needs to offer as much relevant information as possible. To dominate the search marketplace, a company must have their maps optimized through reviews, user content and citations. All three of these things can help one jump ahead of the competition easily.

Citations are great when it comes to having a business’s name mentioned on another website. Citations don’t have to be apart of the link building process, which is what makes citations so cool. Google takes the time to crawl across content to find citations of a business, which in turn gives the business a point. Citations can build a company’s trust rank by having a business mentioned on a site that has more authority and trust. This can give a company’s maps bonus points which can ultimately improve rankings.

Reviews are another way a business can optimize their Google Maps listings. It allows the public to see what others think of a particular business. Unfortunately Google doesn’t base rankings off of quality reviews, they focus more on the quantity. Even if a company has numerous bad reviews, Google will still rank a business high.

User content has and will always be a great way to optimize a business online. User content is generated by people who create their own “My maps.” And since anyone can tag a location or place on Google maps, tagging can be extremely beneficial to a business. The more people tag a business on G-Maps, the more activity a business will have and the more business a company will receive.


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