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How a New Chair Can Improve Your Living Room

A chair is a great accent piece to put in your living room that can improve the look of the room. By adding an accent chair, you are able to add something unique, perhaps colorful, but most importantly, something new to your current living room.

There are 5 different styles of chairs that are good for living rooms:

First there is the chair and a half. This style of chair is between the size of an armchair and a love seat. They can come in many different styles and colors making them a fun choice for adding something new to your living room. An added bonus is that some of these chair and a halfs come with built in storage or even a twin sized pull out bed.How a New Chair Can Improve Your Living Room

Next, is the wing chair. This is a classic piece of furniture that never ceases to remain current year after year. It is more of a regal shape, and has heightened arms which give it the look of wings hence the name. The chair was first around during the 1600s and was used to help women stay warm and protected from cold drafts as they sat around the fire. The chair comes in different colors and patterns and even a nailhead trim. It is a great choice to improve the look of any living room out there.

Third, there is the chaise lounge. It is a longer chair that is primarily used for relaxing, lounging, and napping since it is reclining in nature. It originally was found in France hundreds of years ago and has been popular ever since. It not only provides comfort, but it also can be an elegant accent piece as well. They come in a variety of style including with or without tufting, or with or without arms. They can work well in either modern or a more traditional style living room.

Fourth, is the ever popular recliner. These are similar to chaise lounges but can also be very different. Recliners are very comfortable and come in a wide array of styles and colors. Some recliners are made of more suede finish, while others are leather. Depending on the style of your living room, would determine which fabric you choose. Also they come in a wide array of colors and sizes so you are bound to find something for your needs that’ll work well in the space you have.

Lastly, there is the slipper chair. It is an armless chair that sits lower to the ground than normal chairs. It is also smaller than most other types of accent chairs so it is great in helping to conserve space in your living room. They first started out as extra seating in spaces such as a closet or dressing room, but now are used more for decorating in living rooms. It has an elegant and clean look and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You can use this type of chair next to a side table or even at the end of your sectional to create a more modern look.


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