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Hiring the Right Person for your Trucking Company

???????????????????????????????????????Let’s say for conversation sake that you are wanting to start your own trucking company and find yourself in the position where you are needing to hire an employee? Naturally, you want someone great and who will do great things for your business. Especially if your business is in its infancy phase and needs a strong start. If you are needing to hire a great employee keep in mind the following seven things to look out for.

First, you want an employee who is competent. You will want someone working for you who has the skills, experience and education to complete the tasks you need to be completed. More importantly however, you want those tasks to be completed well. Second, you want an employee who is capable. You want to hire someone who can not only do the assigned task, but someone who can go above and beyond and figure out other things not necessarily in their immediate job description that will benefit your company. You want someone who is willing to take on additional responsibility and growth over time. Third, you want an employee who is compatible. It is important to hire someone who gets along with you, other colleagues and clients. Someone who is a team player and works well with others. Look for someone who is willing to be harmonious with you as the boss and those around them that they work and come into contact with even if work styles are different.

Fourth, you want an employee who shows commitment. Make sure whoever you hire is committed to work for the long term. Someone who is invested in the company and wants it to grow and succeed. You as a hiring person can look at people’s past jobs to get a sense for this. Commitment extends to the work itself. You want someone who isn’t going to give up when a project gets hard or there is a problem with a client. Fifth, you want an employee who has character. If you hold certain values and morals, look for an employee who shares the same belief as you do. It is important to hire someone who is honest and always tells the truth. You want a trustworthy individual. Like mentioned above, an individual who has a great team attitude is a great asset. Sixth, you want an employee who fits your culture. Let’s face it, whether we recognize it or not, each business has a unique culture about it. This culture is derived from morals, values, expectations, policies and procedures that are in place. You’ll want to look for someone who fits the mold, and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb.

Lastly, you want an employee who is comfortable and readily accepts the compensation package you offer. This is vitally important because someone who feels under-appreciated in terms of compensation can turn out to produce lesser quality work because they are unsatisfied. You want everyone to be happy and to work at their optimum level.

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