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Great Things to Do in St. Clair, PA

Great Things to Do in St. Clair, PASt. Clair is a charming small town in Pennsylvania. While its economy is mostly built upon coal, it doesn’t mean that the locals don’t have fulfilling and varied lives within their small community.

Just a short drive from the city, locals often travel to the nearby Keystone State Park. The park provides beautiful scenery and excellent hiking trails of different skill levels to accommodate hikers of all ages and skill levels. Some of the most well-known trails are Davis Run Trail, McCune Trail, and Stone Lodge Trail. Davis Run Trail and McCune Trail are dense forest trails. Davis Run Trail provides several different routes and was created with runners in mind. Stone Lodge Trail, on the other hand, was built around some incredible overlooks of the region and hikers will want to stop often to take in the lovely scenery. Besides hiking, visitors can enjoy the many picnic areas and stay in cabins on site or camp out in the comfort of their own tents. Lakes and beaches provide swimming and other water activities. On a clear night, the stargazing is exceptional. Keystone State Park is the ultimate summer weekend getaway destination.

The food scene in St. Clair is hardly lacking in any regard. One of Pennsylvania’s biggest foodie success stories, the surprising hit store, Betsy Ann Chocolates recently opened a location in St. Clair. These decadent delights are just a step away from heaven and feature not only a wide array of classical selections to choose from, but seasonal specials like coconut and peanut butter filled eggs for Easter time. Additionally, they provide Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas collections with appropriately themed sweets.

St. Clair has a handful of home style BBQ restaurants and several ethnic restaurants boasting a variety of different cuisines, including Japanese, Lebanese, Italian, Greek, and German. After a night out, many couples are inclined to look for a an American classic, a top Steakhouse in Mt. Lebanon, a nearby region with excellent restaurants.

A quaint and different weekend experience for both travelers to the area and locals alike is a retreat from the typical hotel or home night in exchange for a weekend at The Maid’s Quarters Bed Breakfast and Tearoom. The owner and operator, Alyson, is somewhat of a legend in the region. She offers home cooked goods, exceptional room service, and wonderful suggestions to enjoying the area. The recently renovated space is decorated tastefully while everything about the accommodation emits an essence of warmth.

St. Clair, Pennsylvania might be a smaller town, but it makes up for its lack of size with kind, warm, and helpful people. Its small attractions are made for the quiet-minded and simple folks that inhabit the town.


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