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Great things to do in Madrid

madrid_spain_954541Madrid is a beautiful location that offers hundreds of exciting, amazing and fun attractions for all. There’s no doubt that visiting the area during any time will give you wonderful vacation memories, teach you new historical information, and get you to experience unique cultures. There are hundreds of different things you can do around the city. Check out these great things to do in Madrid:

1.Visit the Royal palace:
Madrid is known for this huge, beautiful building that is actually the largest royal palace in all of western Europe. In this building you’ll find the most beautiful architecture along with history on the royal palace. You can even get guided tours and learn much about the history of Madrid.

2.Go on an open top bus tour:
If you want a special view of Madrid, a deck bus tour will be your best option. You’ll get to see all of the cities best sights, from museums to parks and restaurants. The best part is that you can hop off the bus and visit the locations you see. You’ll get a special tour guide to help you learn about the city and will be able to hop on any time for a tour around the whole city.

3.Eat at the oldest restaurant in the world:
Botin is known to be the oldest restaurant still on earth today, providing delicious casual Mediterranean food. Today, the location is a big tourist spot, yet luckily you can still grab food while you’re there. You’ll love to see one of the oldest buildings around and get to eat at the same location people did hundreds of years ago.

4.Visit the Prado art museum:
Wanting to see some of the finest art in the world? The Prado is an old historic art museum that features 71 ancient spanish drawings and other types of art. You’ll find wonderful art from Murillo, Ribera and Goya and much more. This museum is one of the top cultural sights for visitors to see and enjoy.

5.See a bullfight:’
In the Spanish culture, bullfights have a strong cultural importance. You can visit at any time of the year and be lucky enough to see an intense, exciting bullfight. The best tiem to see a bullgiht would be in May and June. You’ll really get an amazing taste of what Madrid is all about when you watch the crowds and participants at a bullfight.

These are just some of the top attraction spots and ideas that you can include in your trip to Madrid. You’ll find hundreds of unique activities and will love the culture as well!


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