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Going to College at UC Berkeley

Going to College at UC BerkeleyBerkeley a city in San Francisco, Northern California has a population of 112580 according to the 2010 census. The University of California located here operates on a semester calendar. Berkeley can be said to be a busy city with a growing population and this population needs housing in the area.

For the people who are based around the University of California there are a number of apartments available in different locations at different prices and designs. Other than using the assistance of a guide or rental agencies one could undertake to research on the few apartments available in the area to get a clear picture of what the region has to offer in terms of design and sites. Settling for an apartment in this region however has to be done carefully to ensure that your needs are satisfied when you move into an apartment. To get the best apartment one should consider one that is near shopping centers and roads. For those searching for apartments near University of California things are made easier as most of the apartments are located within a walking distance of the University which favors those studying and working there. Most of these apartments are mostly 1 bedroom designed to favor different tastes and have a monthly rent rate of
$1000 to $2000.

To get the most favorable apartments in this region one needs to follow up on a number of tips that will guide towards a comfortable place that will not only suit your taste and preferences but also your financial status. First one has to view the range of the going rates of these apartments near UC Berkeley so as to decide on the best financial plan. More to the rate one needs to know about the terms and modes of payments so as to know if it will fit your situation. Second one need to seek advice from friends before making a decision on the kind of apartment to take putting into consideration the number of people you may be sharing it with before making a decision. A face to face meeting with the owners is an opportunity for you to renegotiate on the amount if there is no agency available. When you have decided on the kind of apartment to move into near UC Berkeley, take time to tour the area and familiarize yourself with the environment. This not only enables you to save time by knowing where everything is located but also enables you get a glimpse of the other places you might have missed and compare them to what you have settled for. Most of the apartments near UC Berkeley are mostly occupied by staff working at the University or students undertaking studies in the region. It is therefore also important to consider the kind of neighbors one would like to have. As in many other environments near a campus, places where students live tend to have certain tendencies that are not favorable to a working person or a family man.

In conclusion it would be wise to get an apartment near UC Berkeley for those working in the university or near the University since this not only saves on travelling expenses but also allows one to access their apartments between breaks.


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