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Get the Best First Impression by The Art of Shaving Tips

There is a lot more to shaving than meets the eye. What seems, at first, to be nothing more than grooming, a way to keep from looking scraggly or disheveled, is much more. The Art of Shaving is a young man’s right of passage. It’s part of an age old bonding mechanism for fathers and sons. It’s also one of the few ways a man pampers himself akin to a woman’s jour de beauté.

In junior high school many boys think they have mustaches. But, looking back at pictures of themselves, they realize why they had such excruciatingly little success with girls. The girls probably gathered in circles giggling, wondering why a very sick caterpillar had decided to curl up and die over the upper lip of so many boys. Fortunately, many mothers put the screws to their husbands and said “teach him to shave”. So, on a Sunday in the Fall, when the football games were close to beginning, Dads everywhere, on a rare day home from work, pulled their sons aside and said, in as officious a voice as they could muster: “Son, it’s time you learned to shave.”

Being at that age and looking to have some fun the sons said: “Ok. And who’s going to teach me?”

“Don’t crack wise” the Dads replied, then proudly taught their sons The Art of Shaving.

It’s probably the method ninety percent of men use. Apply hot water to one’s face, add shaving cream, then use a razor. There are several different brands of shaving cream, or “gel”, that work well. What one uses for shaving depends on how much a person wants to spend. It’s worth spending more on razors. Better razors provide a more comfortable shave, greatly reducing the chance of looking like Freddy practiced his craft on your face. A pivot head razor is preferred by many because it works with the contours of your face. Then, just like dad taught you, shave down, apply cream as needed, then shave up, or “against the grain”. You’ll know it’s working when you hear the whiskers being mowed down. Shave first, then shower, and finish with the fun task of applying after-shave, giving yourself ten seconds of that “my face is on fire” feeling.

Electric razors are convenient because they can be used anywhere, but many feel they don’t do as good a job. The Art of Shaving is best experienced from a barber, one that shaves the old fashioned way: with a straight razor followed by applying hot towels. I’ve done this a few times and the danger is developing a very expensive habit, the experience is that good.


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