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Downeast Sweaters: Comfort, Style And Ease

Downeast Sweaters: Comfort, Style And EaseThink about it. The sweater is one of the most basic and smart pieces of clothing a woman can put on. You can build a wardrobe around the sweater, and like yummy potato chips, one is never enough!

A collection of sweaters never goes out of fashion. It’s a classic look. The possibilities seem endless, too. Basics like cardigans, button downs, cowl necks, turtlenecks, crewnecks, V-necks and so forth, can make an outfit. Just ask American sportswear designer Michael Kors. The iconic style master lists 2 of them in his top ten classic closet essentials–a black cashmere V-neck cardigan and a black cashmere fitted long sleeve crewneck.

Then of course there is the importance of fabric to the ideal sweater. Cashmere is a favorite because it is a luxurious wool, and it’s all about the goats strangely enough. Making a cashmere sweater involves a major production. Cashmere comes from the soft undercoat of goats bred to produce the wool. More than two goats are required to make a single, two-ply sweater.

But many people would argue that most sweaters are soft and warm. Cashmere isn’t the only amazing fabric out there. Downeast sweaters feature a variety of super soft and comfy materials like angora, rayon, silk, cotton, easy care acrylic and other beautiful knits. A touch of spandex is often blended in the design to give these sweaters a wonderful, bounce-back memory. The invisible stretch allows materials to feel softer, and to add wrinkle and bulge resistance.

New York City designer Donna Karan was one of the lycra stretch pioneers. She made sure to add the shape-holding fiber to her line of sweaters, tops, jackets and pants. Karan’s spokeswoman Patty Cohen describes it like this:

“Whenever anyone has asked Donna where fashion is heading, she always says the future lies in fabric innovation.”

Celebrities love throwing on a warm, pretty sweater when they’re away from the red carpet and out and about town. Taylor Swift favors classic, cable knits while Jennifer Lopez is often photographed in flyaway cardigans. Style icon Sarah Jessica Parker has been seen snuggled up in big cowl neck sweaters as she runs errands in Manhattan, and Emma Roberts keeps it polished and casual in striped knits.

Downeast sweaters are chic and affordable and available in sizes XXSmall to XXLarge. These gorgeous pieces are perfect for wardrobe staples and to add to your growing collection. Add a pop of color like emerald, fandango pink, or patriot blue. Maybe you’re looking for a sophisticated pattern like chevron, sequined embroidery, or delicate lace. There is a lovely sweater waiting for you, one that you will reach for again and again.


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