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Don’t be Scared of the Dentist

Don't be Scared of the DentistDentist, the word alone is often enough to put fear in the hearts of many. However, there is no reason to be scared of the dentist. The dentist does so many things in their office and all of them are standard procedures that are run of mill for these professionals.

There are so many people that have a fear of seeing their dentist. It is estimated that it could be as low as nine percent and as high as fifteen percent of the population in the United States alone. This fear is sometimes known as dental phobias or dental anxiety. Sometimes another disorder called white coat syndrome also kicks in. Why does this fear scare so many people and how common is it?

Fear of a dentist seems to be quite common. Perhaps it is because the dentist is doing things up close in the area of our face or perhaps it is the standard white coat that they sometimes wear. Regardless of the fears they often create, it is a proven fact that they do more good than harm.

We are taught in school to go to the dentist on a regular basis and often this behavior is followed but still causes fears to occur later in life. Maybe it is because we all fear the unknown. When we make a trip to the dentist we have no idea what he or she is going to do. Because it is unknown to us, it creates a fear in the mind’s eye.

As we enter into adult hood we are busy with work and taking care of our family. Often we never stop to think about what a dentist does or does not do. We also create new fears and remember our old, fears of childhood. Next thing you know we have issues sleeping and some one tells us to see a dentist. When we hear this, we wonder what a dentist can do to help with our sleep issues.

Did you know that many times you can see a dentist for apnea treatment? This is something that many people do not associate with a dentist but if you are having issues with sleep apnea and need to get an apnea treatment, there are dentists that are qualified to offer this treatment to their patients.

Everyone should see a dentist on a regular basis. Having a six month check up and a yearly check up is a great way to keep your teeth, gums and mouth clean and healthy. It is also a great way to get treatment for your sleep apnea and to see what other services the dentist can offer you. Don’t fear your dentist, embrace the help they are willing to offer you.


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