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Cool Car Accessories Like an Ipad Enclosure to Hold the Ipod Near the Dash

Cool Car Accessories Like an Ipad Enclosure to Hold the Ipod Near the DashThe average person drives anywhere from 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year with age and gender increasing the average for some groups. If you spend this much time in your car you may want to think about some cool car accessories that will make the time you spend in the car a bit more enjoyable. After all, if you drive frequently you might be able to consider your vehicle your second home.

First off, you want to be comfortable while you drive so you might want to start with some fun car accessories that also add a bit of style to your car such as car seat covers and a steering wheel cover. Car seat covers come in many colors and designs, and many have extra padding in them to make the ride a bit more comfortable. In addition, they protect your interior which will allow you to get more money out of your car if you sell it or trade it in down the line. A steering wheel cover will also add some personality to the car, and at the same time make it easier to get a great grip on the wheel making it a practical safety purchase as well.

When driving long distances, or just frequent short stints around the town it is important to have enough tunes to get you through the trip. Drivers used to have to rely on their radios, but now they can just plug in their tablets or phones to get access to their home libraries. This way you can listen to your own great mixes while on the road. Create playlists and increase the enjoyment you can have while out and about. The best part is that all you need is an iPad enclosure for your dash and you can easily plug the device into your car’s AV outlet. That way your tunes play through the dash and you have full control over the playlist at all times (just make sure you are let the passenger do the navigating!).

Putting an iPad enclosure on your dash will also save you some money because another one of the top car accessories that you should consider buying is a GPS. A GPS makes driving to unknown places simple since you can just put in the address and in return have step by step instructions read and shown to you. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a GPS however, you can just use a navigation app on your iPad! Even better, since your iPad can now sit on your dash, you will be able to see the map without any problems while driving and can hear the directions through your car’s audio system.


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