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Tanning for New Comers

Sometimes we all find ourselves in a position where we have to admit we are way too white for this time of the year. Whether it is the inevitable drivers arm or the farmers tan line, we eventually begin to notice the translucency of pale skin while tanned beach legs seem to be flaunting all […]


Spending Time as a Family

What would you say if you were asked what are two of your favorite things? Chances are you might rattle off something pretty quick, or maybe you haven’t really sat down and thought about how you might answer a question like that. If I were asked what are two of my favorite things, I would […]

5 Vacations Guaranteed to Erase Your Stress

Finding it hard to beat the stress of work, relationships, and life in general? Well don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to help you to erase your stress, and vacationing at one of these 5 spots can help you to do just that.   The Portugal Algarve   These beautiful beaches and activity filled […]

Getting Your First Loan? 5 Things to Know about the Loan Application Process

Arming yourself with knowledge when applying for a loan for a home, car, electronics or other goods can save you money, time and confusion. Here are the five things you need to know about the loan application process to help you get the financing you want. Provide Pertinent Information Typically, every loan application will require […]

Get the Best First Impression by The Art of Shaving Tips

There is a lot more to shaving than meets the eye. What seems, at first, to be nothing more than grooming, a way to keep from looking scraggly or disheveled, is much more. The Art of Shaving is a young man’s right of passage. It’s part of an age old bonding mechanism for fathers and […]

Retiring In Comfort And Style

There is no better dream or fantasy than retiring in complete style and comfort. It is impossible to work forever, and everyone wants to have the freedom to live at least comfortable in their stage of retirement, if not lavishly. Although many people will not plan for their retirements until they hit around the age […]

The Art of Shaving

Since the beginning of time men have struggled with hair on their faces and how to remove it. Various paintings on caves indicate that the Neanderthal man (the species to which modern humans fit in) during the Stone Age used methods to remove facial hair similar to methods we use today. For instance he would […]


How Mood Effects Your Career

In our fast paced society, is it any marvel that the average person spends more time working during the course of their life than they spend on any other activity? Furthermore, in a recent study it was found that 2 out of 3 workers in the United States aren’t happy. From my experience, I’d have […]

How a New Chair Can Improve Your Living Room

A chair is a great accent piece to put in your living room that can improve the look of the room. By adding an accent chair, you are able to add something unique, perhaps colorful, but most importantly, something new to your current living room. There are 5 different styles of chairs that are good […]

Making Sure Your Parents Are Living in Comfort

As parents age, typically the concern of making sure they are living in comfort comes up. One way to ensure they are living in comfort and have the necessary assistance they need is making the decision to move them into an assisted living home. Moving a parent into assisted living can be a tough decision […]