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Signs of Aging and/or Illness in Senior Pets

Declining health symptoms in senior pets may not be immediately obvious. Symptoms may include: -Personality changes -Major behavioral changes (e.g. aggression, shyness, etc. that they have never shown) -Loss of housetraining or generally going to the bathroom more frequently than used to be the case -Changes in hair coat or skin -Getting tired easily -Increased […]

Senior Living: 6 Reasons Why Seniors Are Living the New Life

Many seniors are finding that growing older has its compensations in the form of new types of housing that cater to their specific needs. These options can provide many advantages for seniors in terms of personal care, medical supervision and social interaction. A look at some reasons seniors benefit from these options show why they […]


Things You Didn’t Know Your Dentist Could Help You With

Probably the only people who enjoy walking into a dentist’s office are those who work there but we all know that going to the dentist on a regular basis is important. Just how beneficial may surprise some people. In fact, when you enter a Baton Rouge Dental office you may discover a lot more about […]


Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

There are many different things that a person can do to keep their teeth healthy. It is important to keep one’s teeth healthy to prevent all the different types of dental diseases. A person’s dental health also affects other parts of their body, too. What are some of the different things that a person can […]

Your Employer and You: Rights, Responsibilities, and Liability in Workplace Injury Cases

Employers are responsible for providing a healthy and safe workplace for the company’s employees and contractors. Some of this responsibility includes ensuring that the area is safe to work in and that the area is free from safety hazards. Arrangements should also be implemented that help control entry to high-risk areas. In addition to this, […]


Facial Hair Styles for Your Face Shape

  Just like finding the right jeans for every body shape there are facial hair styles for the face shape.  With the right type of facial hair a person can change their overall facial features by emplacing or de-emplacing certain things.  If you are looking for the best style all a person has to do […]

Keeping Clean

The average person is constantly on the move. Americans, on average, takes about five thousand steps a day. That is around two thousand less than any other country. If you are wondering how far five thousand steps are, that is around two and a half miles. This is not nearly enough. But the actual distance […]

sleeping pills

Sleeping Pills Called ‘as Risky as Cigarettes’

A provocative new study finds that people who take prescription sleeping pills — even once in a while — have a higher death risk than non-users. The top third of sleeping-pill users had a 5.3-fold higher death risk. They also had a 35% higher risk of cancer, the study found. “We are not certain. But […]