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5 Common Dental Myths Busted

There are all sorts of myths circulating about your teeth and their demise. Some are recent rumors, while others have been around for decades. Here is the low-down on 5 common dental myths. Eating Sweets Will Rot Your Teeth Anytime you eat anything, you should always brush afterwards; no matter what it was you ate. […]

5 Tips to Shield Yourself from the Dangers of Dating

In an ideal world we could all think the best of people but, in reality, there are dangers in everything we do. Dating can be a scary proposition these days, and meeting people for the first time can have inherent dangers. While you don’t have to lock yourself away in your home just to keep […]


How the Future of SEO Will Impact Small Business

Old-school webmasters are quick to say that search engine optimization is dead. It is true that certain techniques that were incredibly effective before the Google Panda and Google Penguin updates are completely irrelevant to modern search engine optimization.  However, the onus has switched from learning black and gray hat techniques to true content marketing. The […]

How on Earth Can We Harvest Solar Power from Space?

Scientists are reinvestigating the possibility of sending solar panels into space, a method previously considered cost-prohibitive. Sending solar panels into space as a source of renewable energy has many advantages over building them on the ground. Outside of the atmosphere, the efficacy of the panels is not subject to interruption by weather or nightfall. The […]

Top 5 Little-Known Car Parts Every Man Should be Aware Of

Through the years, most men pick of on the basics of how vehicles work. Most understand that the engines provide power, and they learn the difference between front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. They may learn about vehicle suspensions, and those who have driven manual vehicles know how and why cars change gears. The […]