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5 Vacations Guaranteed to Erase Your Stress

Finding it hard to beat the stress of work, relationships, and life in general? Well don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to help you to erase your stress, and vacationing at one of these 5 spots can help you to do just that.


The Portugal Algarveportugal


These beautiful beaches and activity filled villages hold plenty of opportunities for relaxation. Whether you are interested in golfing on the green, dining at delicious seafood restaurants, lounging on the lush beaches, or exploring the caves of Lagos, this vacation spot has so much beauty and life to share. Top off your time there with some historical tours or a visit to one of the Caldas de Monchique spas.



Panama City


What better place to enjoy paradise than in this gorgeous city full of beaches, attractions, and in-and-out of water activities! When you spend time in one of the Panama City beach home rentals, you can truly relax and let that stress just roll right off of you. Whether you decide to get some extra sleep on your bed with a view of the ocean, or get up and enjoy the many tourist attractions and beaches, you are guaranteed to have a lovely time.



Mary Janes Farm, Idaho


If you’re ready to completely unplug from your life, come on out and try this quaint location. Enjoy a homey stay at the Bed and Breakfast or get adventurous and try some glamping. If you can handle and enjoy the lack of electricity and phones, just spend time soaking in a hot tub and sleep your cares away here. With no distractions from the outside world to disturb you, you can be alone with your thoughts and your comforter to sit and warm yourself by the fire as long as you like.



Yellowstone National Park


Although this place of retreat is not ideal for the indoors-man, every nature lover will adore the beauty of Yellowstone’s gorgeous waterfalls, geysers, mountains, greenery, and pools. Reconnecting with the outdoors is sure to clear out some of the cobwebs in your mind. With plenty of places for hiking and exploring through forests, mountains and streams, plus fun interaction with animals like buffalo and elk, you can truly let your thoughts of home go and just relax and enjoy the views.



Whistler, British Columbia


For the active vacationer, you may find it stress relieving to spend some time getting into the action of a few good rushes. How about some skiing or zip-lining? You can spend your day biking up a mountain or playing golf until you are plum tuckered out. Or how about some more sedate casual shopping or gallery exploring? With plenty of dining and spa treatment options, Whistler is just chalk full of activities and fun to help you get your mind off of your worries.



No matter what you like to do, whether it’s sleep, swim, ski, or shop, there are plenty of places to go and get your fill of the most relaxing activities in a non-demanding environment. Find what’s right for you and enjoy your vacation!


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