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5 Reasons To Go Organic

5 Reasons To Go OrganicOver recent years, more people have become interested in organic food products for better health. However, the benefits of going organic reach far beyond the individual. Organic farming and gardening can have significant effects on the environments we all share. If you are considering exploring an organic lifestyle, learn about the many benefits that can accrue both personally and as a society.

Better Taste
Many people find that they notice a slight difference in organic foods in contrast to commercially produced foods. This difference may be because of fewer chemicals used in the production of the food. Many vegetables and fruits benefit from the closer attention given to organically grown foods. Most people also prefer grass-fed beef to grain-fed beef. In general, organic methods produce higher quality foods that retain their natural flavors better than commercially produced varieties.

Fewer Pesticides
Most commercially grown foods receive regular applications of synthetic herbicides to combat weed growth and pesticides to prevent insect infestations. These chemicals can remain on the surface of the food and can be taken up into the plant’s cell structures. Organic foods only use compounds that are already found in nature to control these plant problems. The method ensures that these synthetic chemicals are not consumed in the foods that are produced.

Fewer Hormones and Antibiotics
Most animals that are raised for commercial consumption are given hormones to increase their size or ability to produce food substances. These hormones remain in the foods that humans then consume. Many experts believe that these hormones contribute to early puberty in children and a possible link to developing cancer in adults. In addition, livestock raised in commercial feedlots are given antibiotics to increase growth and prevent widespread infections. However, these antibiotics are then consumed by humans, which increase the occurrence of antibiotic resistance when these drugs are truly needed. These risks make it advisable to choose organic sources for foods and meats, such as Harvestland brand chicken.

Cleaner Environment
Organic food growers do not rely on synthetic chemicals to produce their crops. They utilize natural predators, proper crop rotation and organic soil enhancements to increase yields and produce healthy foods. Agricultural chemicals do not leach into soil and water sources, disrupting the ecological balance. The environment is cleaner and healthier.

Animal Welfare
If you are among the many animal lovers in the world, you may already be aware of many of the inhumane practices used in commercially produced meat. Organic producers avoid the tightly packed cages and cruel conditions that are prevalent in commercial food production.


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