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5 Must Haves For a Resume

5 Must Haves for a resumeAll the effort you put in your job hunting endeavours will be for nothing if you skip the first and often times most important step – writing the best resume you can. Your resume is probably the first piece of information your potential employer gets about your professional experience and skills, therefore it will surely make or break his first impression about you as a future employee. Following are five key advices you must take in consideration when preparing to send that resume:

  1. Get your personal and contact info right.
    First things first, make sure that the phone and e-mail address you put in your resume are correct. It can happen that you accidentally use your old resume and only update the work experience before sending it and there is always the possibility that you`ve changed your phone number meanwhile. Now, wouldn`t it be a shame if they liked your CV and couldn`t reach you because they had the wrong number? You get the picture, always double and even triple check your contact info before hitting the send button.
  1. Keep it short and simple.
    Resumes have been round for quite some time now and there are tons of phrases that are already boring and cliché. Lose those ones and focus on your specifics. You don’t even need to include all the job posts you`ve held, feel free to rule out the ones that are not really relevant to the position you are applying for.
  1. Choose and include the right keywords.
    If you are applying for a job that is likely to attract hundreds even thousands of applicants, then be sure that your resume will go through the HR software of the hiring company. This means you`ll need to include smart keywords in it that will correspond with the opening position. Do your research and make sure to include all of your skills that are relevant to the company you are applying to, if for example you are applying for a sales position, skills (keywords) such as competitive, prospecting and lead generation will always help your resume swim out on the surface.
  1. Objective statement.
    Rather than directly saying why you are applying for the job, give them something they want to read, and that`s a short summary of your expertise. That why, they won’t get yet another plea for employment but a professional set of skills and experience they want to have in the company.
  1. Make it a presentation of your unique personality.
    In the end, what will get you that job is the unique mix of skills, experience and personality that you possess, and you need to make sure your resume tells it all. Sometimes the best choice you can make on the matter is to hire professional help. You can find the best professional assistance with
    AAA McKinstry Resume Services, an experienced company in the art of resume writing that will make sure you always stand out from the crowd.


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